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Over the last three decades Boatrans has been offering high end marine transportation services for boat owners across Australia. We understand the value of the investment you have made in your boats and when you turn over its responsibility to us you can be rest assured that your vessel is in the safest hands.

Whenever we undertake a boat moving operation we make sure that your property is well protected with the utmost care and caution.

If you are looking for long distance boat moving services then you should make sure that you are with a company that deals with a variety of different shipping methods. An experienced boat mover like Boatrans offers Marine transport using trucks, we also accommodate door to door shipping requests and we also have container support facilities which are known to be the safest and the most reliable method for moving boats.

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Safe Australia Wide Interstate Transport

When you have bought yourself a boat you need to make sure that you are using the services of a top quality Marine mover like Boatrans. Our team knows what exactly needs to be done so that we can move your boat safely. We are experts at interstate boat transport given our wide network in Australia. Here are the interstate boat transport routes that we operate in-

  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Brisbane
  • Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Queensland to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Gold Coast to Melbourne
  • Melbourne to Queensland

Interstate Boat Transport with Boatrans- Benefits

Not all movers can handle interstate boat transport. There are many procedures and processes involved in it. But at Boatrans we take care of all these issues and leave you stress free. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience of dealing with long distance interstate boat transport. Here a broad look at all the facilities that we offer-

Removing fuel, oil and locking the gears

  • Secure all locks and latches and reinforce doors, windows and all indoor storage units
  • Uninstall the anchor and other cabled equipments both inside and outside the vessel
  • Uninstall batteries and other electrical gadgets like navigation and communication equipment
  • Measure your boat in order to determine the best mode of transport
  • Through checking of the required documentation and clearances required
  • Proper insurance that covers all eventualities and situations
  • Offer a clear and through quote so that there is no issue in billing
  • Constant updates about the movement of your cargo
  • Offer security for long distance hauling that could take a few nights.

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If you are looking for interstate boat or marine transport in Melbourne in Victoria, Sydney in NSW or Brisbane & Gold Coast, Queensland then call us now at (02) 4603 2282 or (03) 5998 5489. You can also mail us your queries and request a quote at